In this episode, we go over what is a Virtual Assistant, what kind of jobs virtual assistants can do, what companies should hire virtual assistants, and if you stick around to the end we give you the details on 10 Virtual jobs that you can start today!

A Virtual Assistant is someone who can work from anywhere, they can work full-time hours or on an hourly contract basis and perform many different tasks. If you are looking for someone to manage your calendars, schedule meetings, graphic design, social media, and even project management just to name a few.

Working remote isn’t for everyone, but for people who can manage their tasks around their schedule and not get caught up in out of office distractions, this could be the career path for you. We’ve worked remotely for many years and have been happier than ever since we made the switch.

Check out the end of the episode where we discuss the 10 Virtual Assistant Jobs you can start today! 

Your journey into the virtual world begins now!



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