In this week’s Virtual Career GIrl episode Tiffany and Tabatha discuss 5 things that you need to do ASAP no matter what kind of business you have. It could be brick & mortar, e-commerce, and everything in between.  These 5 things will help your business become more successful so you can start getting more leads and converting them into sales!

1. Market Research

It is so important to do Market Research and understand who your target market is and how to reach out to them! Be sure to give them something valuable for their time. If you are a VA, give them a freebie. If you are any other type of business give them something of value, maybe even a gift card! It doesn’t have to be monetary, but just make it worth their time for taking the time to answer your questions.

2. Share Value in your post & not just sell.

You want people to follow you because you have value in your post: not just sell, sell, sell. When you are authentic online your audience will look to you as a thought leader and will return to your content because it helps them solve a problem that they have, or are just really interested in what you have to say. You can still state your call to action without being pitchy!

3. Start Your Email List

Don’t just start your email list, but actually send them an email! People have signed up for your email list because they want to hear from you! If they don’t want to hear from you, then they can unsubscribe. You can use a platform like MailChimp if you are just starting out- its free and you can collect your email addresses and begin sending emails. If you want a more robust email software like what we use at Virtual Career Girl, Active Campaign is the way to go. It’s not free, but it allows you to do so much more. Collect email addresses, send email automation, newsletters, and even start a deal pipeline to move people along in your funnel.

4. Create Free Resources

You want to create free resources: some sort of freebies that give people value. These resources can be an ebook, free training, a webinar, a free tip sheet, or even a free consultation! This free resource is used to give to other people in return for their email address, which begins to build your email list and create a following. MAKE SURE IT”S VALUABLE! Don’t sell empty promises, it’s the easiest way to get people to unsubscribe from your email list.

Pro tip: You can also send out these free resources from Active Campaign. 🙂

5. Start building relationships with your audience.

You can’t just start a business and just expect people to come and purchase from you again and again. Start Engaging! Like, Comment, Share, Direct Message, and start building up your business at the same time you are building relationships. The best way to get a repeat customer is when they feel like they have a relationship with you. When you are authentic and reach out the know, like, & trust factors are built up and they like you and your business so much that they start to refer all of their friends!

Which one of these do you need to work on? Let us know!

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  • A quick dive into things you need to be doing for your business to generate more leads, improve the customer experience, and convert more leads into sales.

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