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Top 10 Instagram Story Hacks!

Listen this week as Virtual Career Girls Tiffany and Tabatha dive into their top 10 Instagram story hacks. From some that are simple and hiding in plain sight and others that will blow your mind as to

1. Make your emoji’s glow: 

Go to the text tool, select the neon font, type in your emoji of choice and now you will see that it glows! 

2. Accessing more colors in your Instagram Stories 

Select the brush tool and then press on any of the default color options and then you will see that you have unlocked the color slider a d you can swipe until you find the color for your story.


If you upload your own templates this tool also allows you to use the color dropper and pick out your own brand colors from the image. 

3. The Color Gradient or Rainbow Effect

I feel like blog posts don’t really do a good job of explaining this one. Write out your text, once this text is completed then you hold your finger down until you see the select all. Tap Select all and continue to hold one finger on the text and then with another finger tap the default colors to bring up the color options. Now move both fingers to the left of the screen unhighlighting each letter one at a time changing the color. The faster or slower you go changes the color options for your text. It’s pretty cool to see it in action so you definitely need to try this one out! 


4. Drop Shadow Text 

Using the text tool, write your message. Pick out the color, make it the right size you want it to be, and then copy the text. Select the text tool again and then paste the text and select a different color. Then layer the text making it slightly off-centered and then you have a drop shadow! 


5. Live Stories Boomerang

If you take a live photo within the past 24 hours you select the image and then press down on it until you see the words boomerang appear. Then you will see your live image turn into a boomerang video! 


6. Create a Solid Background for your IG Stories 

Select a photo and then tap the pen icon on the screen and then select a color. Press down for about 3 seconds and then the background turns solid. This is great to make plain text images and using stickers when you don’t want to use photos, but you can also use the eraser tool to make some pretty cool pictures for your story! 


7. Adding extra photos (or GIFs) To Your Instagram Story

Using the text tool you can copy and paste photos, or your favorite GIFs right into the picture. To do this go to the camera roll on your phone. Under options select copy, then go back into Instagram into the story you are creating, using the text tool select paste, and then you will find that the image from your camera roll has now shown up into your Instagram feed! 


8. Hiding Hashtags 

Most of our Instagram story pros know to use hashtags in their story to grow their reach so they get more views. (You can use up to 10 hashtags in your story) But having them all over the photo can look a little tacky and can take away from the images in your story. (Side note: this works a little better when you have portions of the image with a solid background) Type out the hashtags you would like to use in your story and then use the color dropper tool to select the portion of the image you want your text to match. Once you are done you can then move your image over to that part of the image (even making the text smaller if you would like) and then watch it disappear like magic! 


9. Pin text, stickers, and emojis into your videos!

This means you can pick out text, stickers, and emojis to pop up at certain times throughout the video without having to layer them on top. To do this you select the sticker, text, or emoji and press and hold for more options. You will see a slider pop up and when you make move the slider you will see that it moves the time of the video. Select the time that works best for you and then press pin and then you will see it pinned to that time of the video and then you can repeat the steps to add more into your videos! 


10. Schedule your Instagram Stories in Advance  

While this step isn’t a free hack, you will still find it saves you so much time and energy in the long run. We use a program called Later to schedule our Instagram stories and it cost $9 a month. It only takes a few minutes to plan out a new release, blog post, or just to make sure you are staying on top of it, Then when the time comes you will receive a push notification on your phone and then your story is then placed on your camera roll ready to be uploaded to your Instagram story within seconds! 


Most of these Instagram story hacks are just hiding in plain sight! You will find that using these tips and tricks will move your Instagram story game to the next level. Try them out and let us know what you think! 

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