Are you looking for something that will turn your cold lead into a hot one? I know this can seem like a super overwhelming process, but I’m going to make it easier by giving you my very own proven outreach template and a workbook to find out who you can pitch your services to.

Running your own virtual assistant business, or any virtual career for that matter, it is important to send out cold emails to attract new clients, especially when you’re just starting out. But before you start sending out an email to just about anyone under the sun, you need to do some target market research.

Who do you want your new clients to be? What services do you want to offer them? Let’s say you want to offer assistance to health and wellness coaches. What service do you provide that you can offer them? Maybe you want to offer them social media management, so you’ll need to look at their social profiles and see what they’re doing now and how you can help them.

This process will go a long way when you know exactly what you want to offer and who you want to offer it to.

What should you include?

Start off your email or message to them with a warm greeting and using their name. Messages go along way when it feels personalized, and using the extra 10 seconds writing out their name will prove to be beneficial, I promise!

Always include your name, what services you can offer them, your experience, where you found them (was it a Facebook Group, was it LinkedIn, maybe you came across their business on Google?) Always provide a call to action, and give a warm closing in your email.

If you want to take the guesswork out of writing your own cold email proposal, I am giving you my very own cold outreach proposal for FREE below. Believe me, it is effective and it helped me find new clients when I was first starting out!