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10 Virtual Careers You Can Start Today

October 24, 2019

Ready to work from home? Discover 10 virtual careers you can start now, including roles in administrative support, data entry, project management, writing, customer service, IT, education, consulting, accounting, and marketing. Leverage your skills and start your remote career today. Check out our Freebies page for resources to get started!

If your dream job is to start working from home, then it’s time to stop letting your comfort zone hold you back. Let’s go through the Top 10 virtual career types that you can literally start today.

1. Administrative

Administrative and Executive Assistant roles are becoming ever more popular in the remote world. Clients are able to hire a Virtual Assistant (or VA) to handle very simple tasks they would normally have an internal employee handle. You can handle tasks like email management, calendar management, updating documents, or taking notes during conferences. The first platform I used to launch my virtual career was Upwork where the first position I had was handling administrative work remotely for a business investor.

2. Data Entry

Data Entry jobs require a lot of patience and concentration but are great virtual careers to have. Data entry positions that companies are looking to hire remote workers for are transcriptionists, online form or survey filling, and document editing.

3. Project Management

If you’re looking for a virtual leadership position, project management is the way to go. Project Managers are required to oversee projects, delegate tasks, and manage personnel (remote and in-office) while working from their own remote office. You can find a lot of really great Project Management positions on Remote.co.

4. Writing & Editing

When you look at websites, blog posts, social media accounts, and even the emails you receive every day, someone somewhere is writing the copy. The majority of business owners do not have the time to write this content themselves. They hire copywriters or ghostwriters (writers who do not claim the writing for their own work) to write this content for them.

5. Customer Service

The great thing about the Customer Service industry is that every business requires Customer Service in order to be successful. Businesses that are working across several different timezones can really benefit from hiring virtual or remote employees. They can hire these individuals to work different shifts that are accommodated by their own time zone.

6. Computer & IT

Are you an expert with computers? Then this one is for you. Whether you’re a STEM worker, a computer programmer, or want to provide support for computers, printers, or any other electronics, the need for having these employees working remotely is rising.

7. Education & Training

Maybe you’re already a school teacher, or you have a college education and you’re looking to start a little side-hustle, online education is on the rise. There are companies like VIP Kid that are looking to hire individuals to teach children how to speak English.

8. Consulting

Is there something you have a lot of experience with that others can benefit from? That’s where Consulting comes in. Zoom is my favorite software to use for online conference calls. This software makes working remotely that much easier with the ability to screen share and you can use it for FREE as long as the video lasts less than 60 minutes.

9. Accounting & Finance

All businesses, no matter how small, need help with accounting. While this field requires experience, handling items like reconciling a client’s Quickbooks account can be handled working from home.

10. Marketing

Now that we live in the world of smartphones, remote positions can be handled in the palm of your hand. From handling Social Media accounts, managing Facebook communities, handling Google and Facebook ads, email campaigns, or branding can all be handled virtually.

If you’re looking for a time to gain more virtual freedom, now is the time. I hope you found this list helpful because I believe you have more skills than you give yourself credit for and it’s time for you to start believing in them yourself. To get yourself started on the right track, check out my Freebies page so you can utilize these FREE resources to help you plan on how to start your own virtual business, today.

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