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Why Should I Blog For My Business?

April 8, 2020

Blogging for your business is essential. It attracts return customers, builds trust, boosts your SEO, grows your following, and increases brand recognition. Regularly updated content keeps your audience engaged and coming back for more. Start blogging today and watch your virtual business thrive!

Why should I blog for my business? That’s the question I get asked so often.

Well… How else are you going to grow your business?

Do you need a business plan? Of course you do.

Do you need to network and go to conferences? Eventually.

Do you need to spend all of your time and efforts creating beautiful or eye-catching social media posts for Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram? Not right now.

If you’re not going to spend the time to grow your blog by writing the content – you don’t need to focus on any of that other stuff because no one will ever see it!

Saying no one will see it may seem a little dramatic, I’m sure your close friends are probably checking up on you online to see what you’re up to.

But what about other people? All of those potential clients out searching the world wide web won’t ever see your kick ass website if you don’t add value to it – the content on your blog.

So… To get to it. What are the benefits of creating and updating a blog for my business?

Return customers.

Having a blog for business pages gets those customers coming back to your website. You’re giving them valuable insights at no additional cost – why wouldn’t they keep coming back for more?

Think about this:

You own a physical store – an Airbrush Tanning Spa for example. (Shout out to my friend Meg over at Endless Summer Tans)

People might stop in when they are passing by on the street, but unless you are a well-known restaurant or coffee shop in the area, how are you going to keep them coming back every week?

Your website.

This is literally your virtual storefront.

If you don’t have your website updated or blog posts written, you’ll just be sitting, waiting and waiting, for someone, anyone to come by your store. ( I imagine this as being in a Wild West movie where you’re outside standing in the street and there is no one else around and you see the big dust ball (or thistle) rolling down the street because there is no one there.)

But, if you’re providing valuable content, consistently, you’re giving people a reason to return to your virtual store.

Do you want someone to visit your store daily, weekly, or heck – even monthly?

The more times someone visits your site, the more likely they are going to purchase something from you because they become familiar with your brand and they begin to trust you.


No matter what kind of brand you have – clients won’t purchase from you, unless they trust you.

Example: You decide to run into Target because you just need that “one thing” which happens to be an iPhone charger. You go into the electronics section and there are a whole wall of iPhone chargers – but which one do you pick? You’re searching around for the Apple brand iPhone charger first, most likely, because of brand recognition. You recognize the brand you trust!  But – maybe they’re all out of the Apple brand chargers. Oh no! What are you going to do!? They don’t have a brand you know, so you ask someone. That person then gives you their recommendation because of what? Ohhhh yeah, brand recognition – that trust factor. The same goes for online stores.

If you go into the store and you’re speaking to someone who works their, they are knowledgeable about the products they are showing you and you leave trusting that you made a good decision and a good purchase, because you trust them. 

“Well, how do I do that online?”  I’m glad you asked.


It’s the online way of you giving customers your trustworthy advice, and giving them a way to form that trust with you. You are the authority figure of your brand and you want to provide your audience with advice they can follow and see results from. Make them take you seriously as a thought leader in your space. These are your potential clients or customers, after all. Earn their trust.

INCREASE Your Website SEO 

Neil Patel explains Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as the process of optimizing your online content so that a search engine likes to show it as a top result for searches of a certain keyword.

You want your content to show up in the rankings for certain keywords in Google, so when someone is searching for your products – you show up.

If you’re looking for an organic way to boost your website’s SEO without spending any money – blogging is the way to go.

You can try to do so many things to get higher in the Google search rankings – and some of them are helpful (we’ll deep dive into SEO in a later post, don’t worry – we got you!) But nothing is going to give you that organic reach for your keywords like writing on your blog, and posting consistently.

Grow Your Following 

If you’re trying to build or grow a following for an event or webinar, you want to focus on bringing traffic to your website first.

Think about it.

You’re providing content from your blog that is helping or giving information to your audience. Do you really want to drive your audience to your Facebook page?

Focus on driving that traffic to your blog. If your customers or potential clients find your information valuable, they’ll be able to find all of your social media handles on your website, including any events you were trying to get them signed up for, and they’ll get the opportunity to sign up for your newsletter.

That sounds like a win, win, win if you ask me!

Still not sure? Or have other questions? I’d be more than happy to answer them below or you can email hello@virtualcareergirl.com.

Chat with you soon!

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