Everything you need to know about what a virtual assistant does

Virtual Assistant

Everything You Need to Know About What a Virtual Assistant Does

Working with a virtual assistant can help take your business to the next level. Virtual assistants provide a variety of services related to executing tasks online in order to give businesses more time and energy to focus on their core activities. Learn more about what virtual assistants do, and why hiring one might be beneficial […]

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Virtual Assistant

Secrets to Landing a Virtual Assistant Job Quickly

Are you looking for a career as a Virtual Assistant? With the right guidance, you can launch your career in no time. In this comprehensive guide, you will find out the secrets to standing out in a virtual assistant job search and how to set yourself apart from the competition. Have a Niche Focus  It’s […]

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3 Most Common Mistakes Career Women Make - Virtual Career Girl


3 Common Mistakes Career Women Make

Let’s face it… We’ve all made mistakes, and these are big ones! Don’t let common mistakes keep you from reaching your big dreams or goals! Now let’s dive in to discuss the 3 common mistakes most career women make. Not Asking For Help The most common mistake women make is not asking for help. We […]

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Online Business Manager vs. Virtual Assistant - Virtual Career Girl


Online Business Manager vs. Virtual Assistant

If you are looking to start working virtually, chances are an online business manager and virtual assistant both came up as popular work-from-home jobs. But, are these jobs the same? Surprisingly not! I bet now you’re wondering what are the differences between these two highly sought-after remote jobs? Let’s dive right in! What is an […]

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5 tips to grow your online business - virtual career girl


5 Tips to Grow Your Online Business

Are you looking for simple, not too obvious ways to grow your online business? If so, you’re in the right place! I’m sharing 5 tips to grow your online business. It doesn’t matter if you are a coach, copywriter, graphic designer, photographer, or a website designer. Whatever service you offer, these 5 tips I’m sharing […]

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