Learn the skills, strategies, and tools to start & grow a profitable online business.

Learn the skills, strategies, and tools to start & grow a profitable online business.

You're ready to create a thriving, service-based, virtual business using the skills you have & start living life on your own terms.
Now's the time.

are you ready?

scroll on if you're into it.

You want to do more than live paycheck to paycheck in a traditional 9-5

But... there's a big PROBLEM.

You're so confused and don't know where to begin.

You're worried working online is a scam.

You don't know how to turn the skills you already have into desired services.

Welcome to the Virtual Career Accelerator.

Ready for your life to change?

Living life on your own terms.

Building a system that will allow to to focus and scale your business.

Attracting your dream clients and working on projects that light you up.

Get clear on your positioning, branding and messaging to sell with confidence.

Creating and sustaining processes and systems for added efficiency and profitability. 

Feeling more balanced, and rested, and in alignment with what you're wanting to create for your life.

If you want THIS to be the year that you *finally* commit to:


I learned that the skills I've been building up over the past several years can be beneficial to not only one business, but several businesses and I can fill that void of wanting more into doing things like spending more time with family, traveling, & continuing to teach myself new things. Now I get to help others do the same.

You're stronger than you think you are. But if you're anything like me, you need help to take your super power to the next level. You just want someone to tell you what works.

You're in the right place.

It's time to start living your life on your own terms. Learn from my mistakes and use my simple, proven system
to start your virtual career, TODAY.


Virtual Career Accelerator

Each module includes video tutorials, worksheets, & other learning materials to give you the exact tools you need to start a successful virtual career.

The market is saturated with so many options, so I'm giving you exactly what you need so you don't need to go through a million free trials.

Whether you're stuck and not sure how to move forward, or you've got a problem, or just need to talk something out, you've got access to me via the course only Circle Group and a monthly Zoom call.

You'll have access to my templates, scripts, proposals & more!

Have the right tools you need to start taking action & landing clients.

Here's What You'll Learn



feature one

feature two

You'll get access to exclusive trainings from other business owners + creators to help you get the needle moving in your business.

Exclusive Trainings

feature four

Whether you're stuck and not sure how to move forward, or you've got a problem, or just need to talk something out. You'll get feedback from me + a community who gets it through the course only Facebook group with weekly office hours, and bi-weekly Zoom calls.


feature Three


Replace your 9-5 income and make more in a month than ever before.

How does this sound?

Fill your calendar with your dream clients that make your heart happy.




Create a community of loyal followers who engage with your content regularly.


Kick that imposter syndrome and self doubt in the booty and feel confident.


Double your email list with subscribers who actually like hearing from you.



How It Works

Connect with yourself, your vision and your goals

Discover your niche + ideal client


Set up specific processes in your business to allow you to stay organized, spend less time on client work, and prevent you from slaving away on your business

Craft the right offer for you and your client with pricing contracts, resources, and more


Learn the landscape of where your ideal client is and how to reach them

Get clear on your positioning, branding and messaging


This      for you if:

you're COMMITTED to scaling your service-based virtual biz

You're looking for a get-rich quick scheme or not willing to do the work

you've already started a virtual biz, but don't have a real plan in place

you want to start a product-based or MLM business

​You're ready to learn about customers, sales, marketing & growth

It's probably       for you if...

​If you are not comfortable working in an isolated environment with limited/no co-worker socialization



It's probably
for you if...

Virtual Assistant, Online Business Manager, Real Estate Assistant, Administrative Support Research Assistant

Client Success Manager, Customer Support Representative, Online Help Desk or Chat Support

Bookkeeping, Auditing, Tax Preparation, Data Entry, Accounts Administrators

Graphic Design, Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, Coding, Content Writer

Online Teaching, Online Tutoring, Consulting,  Copywriting, Blogging

Social Media Marketing, Public Relations, Email Marketing, Lead/Traffic Generation, Advertising

Can this course help you in your current industry?

A year from now they
will have wished they started today....

So let's get  them started!

Study at your own pace

Plan based on your learning style


Follow a proven roadmap

What if an actual attorney was able to walk you through what you needed for your virtual business? Our favorite attorney is giving us a live workshop to help you legalize your virtual biz! (over $700 value) FREE

Talk Legal To Me


Talk Legal
To Me


How will I know if this will work for me?

I will teach you the same methods I used to become the successful entrepreneur I am today!

Can you guarantee I'll book a specific amount of clients or make a certain amount of money?

I'm going to teach you everything I know - including video training & tutorials, workbooks, tips & tricks, guides, and more. Success to one person might mean making an extra $500/mo whereas another person might need $5-7k. And how much money you make depends on your skills and what services you offer to clients.

While I can't guarantee a certain income or number of clients you will get, what I can guarantee is if you put in the work and follow along with all of the modules, complete the workbooks and the tasks asked of you, you will have everything you need to have a successful virtual career.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! I offer a 2 payment plans!

I didn't finish the last course I bought. Why should I get this one?

Because you're ready to take action and start living life on your own terms. You've realized that now is the time, more than EVER to start taking action and figuring out how you can actually do this. You're ready to finally start putting in the work and be disciplined enough to follow through with the tasks to make your dreams come true.

But, it's totally up to you. If you go through one module per week, you'll be finished with this course in just 90 days (which means you'll be making $$$ in no time)!

Are refunds available? Is there a guarantee?

If you're dedicated to the full process of this course, I fully and wholeheartedly believe this will work for you. With that being said, if you are absolutely not satisfied, and you can show me that you put in the work, I do offer a 14 day guarantee.

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I completely understand. Every dollar invested in your business is an important one! Let's work together to help you earn more!

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