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49 blog ideas for your virtual business

We all know content is King, but what topics should toy write about? Here you’ll find 49 ideas to spark your creativity. If you’re not sure what to write about on your blog for your virtual business, I am giving you my very own template with 49 blog ideas that are sure to get your…

49 Blog Ideas For Your Virtual Business


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Initial Client Intake Questionnaire - Virtual Career Girl

This Questionnaire is packed with the information to ensure you’re getting accurate information every time you get a new lead. If you want to have a clear idea on what you need to get from clients when you start your very own virtual business, I am giving you the very same questionnaire I use for…

Initial Client Intake Questionnaire


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Work Smarter Not Harder While Working From Home - Virtual Career Girl

I think I should start by telling you, I am not a morning person. There were times when I worked a 7am-3pm shift and I loved it, but I was definitely infused with a lot of caffeine before getting to the office. I enjoyed working super early or super late because I was most productive…

Work Smarter, Not Harder While Working From Home


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11 Things A Remote Company Needs by Virtual Caeeer Girl

Considering moving to an all-remote workforce? Good for you! There are countless benefits to ditching the old brick-and-mortar ball-and-chain and transitioning into a more modern working model. But first, you’re going to make sure you’ve got these 11 things every remote company needs to succeed.  Some are software (which you probably expected), but others are…

11 Things A Remote Company Needs


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If your dream job is to start working from home, then it’s time to stop letting your comfort zone hold you back. Let’s go through the Top 10 virtual career types that you can literally start today.

10 Virtual Careers You Can Start Today

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